Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prairie Potholes Rural View

Prairie Potholes Rural View - In progress they need something I'm just not sure what maybe a good nights sleep and NO interruptions in the morning will help??? John was in my studio while I was working I have to admit I did NOT appreciate being told I had to stop because he couldn't hear the woman on the phone, you don't want to know what I was thinking but I did keep it to myself.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Prairie Potholes - Harvest No. 1

Prairie Potholes - Harvest No. 1 Working on a new harvest series, thinking about what makes the prairie the prairie as one really doesn't see a whole lot in the way of fens, marshes, potholes, etc., anymore. This piece available in my store.

Prairie Potholes Collage Mania

Prairie Potholes - Rural View Collage Mania pieces in progress.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I started this piece sometime around 1999, working on Prairie Potholes No. 15 last night reminded me that I that this piece was still in progress. Cardine needs his eye lashes and then I need to finish the scene on the lower canvas I have some barbed wire some place to put on the lower half of the canvas section.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prairie Pothole No. ???

Prairie Potholes No. 15

In progress still. My 6500 was giving me fits last night so I didn't make it very far, I'm guessing here was something lodged in the tension discs. Ergo one flower mostly done and several more to go before she's done. Copies of yellow coneflowers taken by yours truly to ensure I get the petals close to being correct, this is after all a thread sketch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prairie Potholes No. 15 What Iffing

PP No. 15 what I'm thinking... I'm t hinking of adding another line drawing and seeing if I like it better ;-) I think it needs more.

NOTE: I added these lines in Photoshop they are not on the actual piece yet AND I was planning to add the flower in red but for some reason I can only get dark green to load ;-(

Prairie Potholes No. 15

The quilt needs to be stitched to the canvas base, however I've decided to add some beads and other embellishements to the surface first.

I'm thinking of adding a treatment to my base canvas, well the edges anyway, like the canvas in the above picture. I started the above piece two years ago and got wrapped up in moving the shop and never finished the thing. It has vintage paint by number pots glued to the surface, somewhere I have around here I have the images and collage items to add to the surface and then it gets placed inside of an altered clock body.

The thing about hanging onto a piece long enough is eventually you realize that it needs more and in this case PP No. 15 needs dimension, dimension in the form of beads etc. The base canvas covered frame needs more paint, I missed a few areas on the edging where it's most likely to be seen.
For some reason Blogger is really bent on loading all of my photos up sideways today, arrrghhhh!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prairie Pothole No. 15

I was never happy with the way PP No. 15 & 14 looked hanging flat against the wall they just looked ackward like something was missing.

So while at Hobby Lobby today and saw that they sold pre-stretced 14x14 inch canvas'
So decided to purchase on to see how PP No. 15 would look stretched, needless to say the canvas is drying right now I painted it and I plan to stretch the quilt to the frame later tonight.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Studio Clean Up

Dh and I have been spending time cleaning the attic, laying down new floor, while it snows yet again, all of this cleaning has made me take a hard look at my studio. I no longer have a design wall AND I no longer have a space onto which to hang artwork.

This is NOT a good thing!

SO I'm looking around and trying to decide what I can live without, what can be sent to the attic to live with the bats and squirrels - seriously we have a mammal problem in our attic - and what is an absolute must for my studio. At this point I think it's important to have some of my finished pieces in and about the house so I can see where I have been, and what I have achieved.