Saturday, July 30, 2011

Studio Redux 073011

If all goes well I may actually get to watch Paula stream live tonight from my new mixed media area in my new studio!  John hasn't found the ends for the dsl wire yet, he has to make a new longer cable for me. 

The knee is feeling slightly better, after last nights horrific fall on the back landing.  John didn't look to pleased when I told him that I was going to be putting non-slip rubber duckie decals down on the floor.  It's the one place in the house that I have consistantly hurt myself on in the last 10 years and it's because that floor becomes ultra slick with even the slightest hint of moisture.  This time the moisture was left by a 12 pound tri-color sheltie who decided she couldn't wait any longer.

Angel the puddle maker.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My boy Thomas, the cat with the great big hairy feet, I'm thinking he's got some hobbit in his bloodline somewhere :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Corn - A New Series

I am working on a new series of pieces around the subject of corn.  There are seven pieces, so far, in the series and they consist of my natural and compost dyed (eco-dyed/printed) fabrics and machine stitching.  Each piece is approximately 7x7 inches and is machine stitched onto a timtex core.

As many of you, my followers, know I struggle with wanting the prairie of 200 years ago versus the prairie that we have today.  My mother told me once that I was born about 250 years too late, that's how much I love the rugged primitive prairie.  Where I expect to see a bison rounding over a hill instead I'm greeted with a tractor or a combine.  Where I think there should be teepees and other primitive housing I'm greeted with silos and barns instead. 

There is, however, one piece that binds both the past and today together and that bit is Corn!  In doing a survey of the artwork I've produced over the past 15 or so years there is one theme that seems to be repeated and that is the theme of corn.

So with the idea of corn in mind I am setting out to create a series dedicated to that which intrigues and haunts me, corn.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thomas the Watcher

I was sitting at my table merrily away sketching images onto canvas cards, for my new thank you card series, and suddenly realized I was being watched.  I looked over into the suitcase and there was Thomas watching me sketch, he really does love sleeping on silk fabrics and is such a silly cat he'll even pull out a piece to sleep on, when I'm not looking! 

Poor Angel is trying to stay cool.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Studio Update 071211

Tonight I spent the better part of the evening in the wood shop helping John construct another shelf system for my studio.  The end result of our time out there was not one but two different shelves being concieved for my new studio space... which he is more than willing to do so long as it means that I'm NOT bolting anything into the walls.   Tomorrow night we will finish the first shelf and Thursday we will finish the second shelf. 

I'm loving my new studio space, I was stressed that I wouldn't be able to create in the new space but much to my amazement the creativity has been overflowing.  The lack of central air during these very hot and very humid days has been the biggest deterent so far.

WIP - I am going to create a special page for the new pieces I've created this past week, all proceeds will be going towards my new central air unit and furnace.  Seems when the new smart meter went in most of my appliances went "uh no I don't think so and died" this would include the central air and furnace. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Chipmunk Update

The chipmunk is deceased and is no longer eating my madder root, bran, or cochineal bugs! Oh and it's safe to say the the organic soy beans are safe as well now, as am I!!! No more jumping chippies from a corner!

Thursday evening I discovered that I did indeed have a chipmunk in my basement and subsequently my wet studio.  The little bugger has now met his maker.  How can I justify this you ask? Easily they carry rabies in addition to three different forms of the plague, that's how and this little bugger was so comfy living in my house that the pets (two cats and a dog) were treating it as if it was another family member.  And that had to come to an end!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Prairie Potholes - WIP - Detail

Detail from a new piece I worked on today.  Little did I know whilest I was creating in my studio that I would be needing a replacement furnace and central air unit :-( 

Central Air I can live without, well 28 days out of the month during the summer months that is.  The furnace, however, is a major must have for the northern climate I live in, more tomorrow.  We still haven't purchased a house fan replacement, am still waiting to hear what the electric motor repairman has to say.  Which leads me to a question: How did we end up with such a disposable society that even furnaces and central air units are no longer repairable???

Monday, July 04, 2011

Third Quarter Woes

It' never ceases to amaze me when God gives me what I need before I actually need something. Friday I sold three pieces of art to a new collector!  That is certainly a Praise!  Nothing is more validating to a visual artist than to be able to sell their artwork and at full market value.  Usually when I have a sale I put a little aside for savings, my 10% for tithe, and typically replace materials used and any equipment needed in the studio with the remainder.

As of yesterday the guessing game was new tires for John's truck or taking my truck and having it fixed OR buying a new house fan.  As of today that question has been anwsered and we will now be having the central air repaired/replaced and the furnace serviced. 

When I got back from shopping with my BF Brenda, this afternoon, I noticed the house was exceptionally warm.  Looked at the thermostat and sure enough it was set to 73F but it was 78F in here.  Went down to the breaker box and it had been tripped.  Me being the chicken little that I am refused to touch the breaker and had John flip it back on and I'm glad I did.  Pop, crack, and flames shooting out of the breaker box.  We'd been having electrical problems all weekend John has been blowing circuits in the garage, etc, which has been happening since the city replaced our old meter with a new digital smart meter but now things are getting way worse and I'm looking the large appliances.

I'm not happy, but I am grateful that the Lord covered this one in advance! Here's to hoping and praying the CA can be repaired and not need to be replaced, this year.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Down to the Wire!

One corner cleaned and ready to go!

The junk gone and soon the studio table will be in place!

John and Keith trying to figure out how they are going to get my six legged sewing/work table back into the house!

Prairie Potholes Past and Present No's 1-8
It's time to go rearrange and fluff before the collector arrives, he'll be here in less than 45 minutes!