Friday, October 28, 2016

Fields Series In Progress

After painting thirty six 6x6 inch pieces and eleven 4x6 inch pieces of fabric yesterday I'm not feeling the love today for the larger pieces, this one is 16x16 inches.

To be honest, I may stick the top one in the washer in hopes that most of the color comes off and repaint the piece, it's just now speaking to me right now.

But the longer I push, the better things are getting this afternoon. 14x14 inch cotton fabric.

I'm finding that I was a whole lot looser with the smaller pieces, though the 4x6 inch pieces were starting to push the limits. 14x14 inch cotton fabric.

I have four more 14x14 inch pieces of fabric to paint, and five more 16x16 inch pieces.  All of which will need to be machine stitched before mounting to the canvas frames.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A New Series is Born!

A new series has presented itself and has demanded to be created! Last night I painted the first of the fabrics for my new "Fields" series. I live streamed the painting session, and also threw down a challenge if you're interested in participating.

The fabric this morning after it has dried. Color loss of 50% is not uncommon when working on fabric.

First set of six blocks, the fabric is still wet.

Am loving this new series already. I will live stream stitching these pieces next week!

The live stream, and challenge, is available in my community Almost Stitched. You will have to join my community and watch the live stream to get the challenge!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Almost Stitched Online Community

Did you know I have an online community? I do, and it's called Almost Stitched! It's a private group were we can encourage one another to step out of our comfort zones and push the edge of the textile envelope!

Do you love to paint, dye, rust, and otherwise color fabrics and papers? Then Almost Stitched is the place for you! Do you love to use textiles and paper to tell stories? Then Almost Stitched is the place for you!  Join me as we explore our unique voices through textile and paper art.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Come Paint with Me!!!

Come Paint with Me in Colors of the Earth 

Classroom Officially Opens on October 17th!!!

To Celebrate I'm offering a 10% Discount off Colors of the Earth Online Class!
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Learn how to make soy milk and pigment emulsions
Learn the basics of fabric prep for painting and paper with pigments
Learn the basics of painting fabric and paper with pigments
Learn how to properly cure, wash, and care for your fabrics and papers that have been painted with pigments.
How to source clays, ochers, and pigments from your local environment.

Learn more here

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Reds, Oranges, and Golds, are the Colors of My Soul!

Join me in my latest online creation Colors of the Earth! We will paint cloth and paper using earth pigments, clays, and ochers/ochres!!! Unleash the colors of your soul in this one week class!!!

Colors of the Earth

Begins October 17th!!!