Friday, October 28, 2016

Fields Series In Progress

After painting thirty six 6x6 inch pieces and eleven 4x6 inch pieces of fabric yesterday I'm not feeling the love today for the larger pieces, this one is 16x16 inches.

To be honest, I may stick the top one in the washer in hopes that most of the color comes off and repaint the piece, it's just now speaking to me right now.

But the longer I push, the better things are getting this afternoon. 14x14 inch cotton fabric.

I'm finding that I was a whole lot looser with the smaller pieces, though the 4x6 inch pieces were starting to push the limits. 14x14 inch cotton fabric.

I have four more 14x14 inch pieces of fabric to paint, and five more 16x16 inch pieces.  All of which will need to be machine stitched before mounting to the canvas frames.

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