Sunday, March 13, 2005

Using Pottery Glazes and Fairies

Yes many of the glazes used for painting pottery can be used for painting fabrics as well. You can mix them with soy milk, a little of the iron oxide or pigment will go a long way, I typically use 1 tps to 1 TBS of the pigments and/or oxides to 1 cup soy or acorn milk. When painting wood or leather you can mix the pigments and/or oxides with hide glue.

I typically use acorn milk, as this is what the First Peoples used, and I believe it to be far superior to soy milk. One: it has tannin in the milk aready, from the acorns, and two: it doesn't spoil nearly as fast. I also like the hand afterward, which I feel is superior to soy milk. Howevery, and it's a big however, I have to beat the squirrels to the acorns! That is not an easy task to say the least.

I use the acorn caps as hats for little fairies I'm making. I got the idea from a book called Felt Wee Folk by Sally Mavor , they are absolutely adorable! And I'm not a cute kinda person either. I have adequetly baffled my husband with this habit of making fairies and gnomes. What can I say I can't help myself, and he definately does NOT know what to make of either. It's also a great use of all of those teeny tiny scraps of silk and wool. Oh and did I mention all of those silk flowers I seem to have gathered over the past two decades.

NOTE: Always wear a respirator when handling glazes, iron oxides or pigments of any sort. These things are not good for your lungs or your brain!


kim said...

Thank you for the info. I would really like to speak with you on the phone if possible I have a few questions about a project I am about to start and I feel I am Jumping in before knowing some essentials, of course sometimes that isn't a bad thing I love Happy Accidents. I also have some questions about the books you sell on your site (picking the ones that would suit my quest the best). Thanks again for the info. I knew there was a reason the dyeing intriqued me (it seems similar to the ancient art of glaze making). I also have noticed over the years that if I get oxides or even just clay on light clothing and don't wash right away ( which I don't like laundry) it never comes out. Thanks again I may try calling on Monday if that is alright with you.
Let me know, I know your time is valuable.
Kimberly Taylor Keebler

Debra said...

re: acorn milk and soy milk... It sure is easier for me to find soymilk!

hmm... someday I may have to play with this (puts it on my "someday" list...)