Monday, February 06, 2006

Call for Articles & Artwork

Articles for a new magazine/e-zine. Must pertain to Natural Surfaces in some form or another and comprise 75% of the techniques used to derive said surface.

Natural Surface Techniques include the usage of natural materials on surfaces such as: Natural Dyes, Rust Dyeing, Clay Dyeing, Ochers/Oxides/Pigments. Natural Surfaces may be either flat or dimensional (2D/3D). Other Natural Surfaces include papermaking, felt making, leather work, the use of gut, etc.

Images of Artwork that fit this format are also wanted for the magazine Gallery.

Deadline for articles and artwork: April 1st, 2006


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Brenda said...

You might like to contact Pamela Fitzsimons ( who currently has an exhibition showing in Sydney, Australia. Many, if not all, of the quilts in "Time and Place" feature fabrics using vegetable and other natural dyes. You can see one quilt (Rock Fissures)at but there are many more in the exhibition.