Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blog Changes

Ok I'd really like to know how to change the color of my blog! After that I'd love to add a header image up at the top of the blog, and for the Up and Coming section I'd like to add images for my upcoming online classes, and images for the books I have written that are now available or will soon be available. When we are done with that I'd also like a chunk of the moon ;-)

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Robin said...

Hi Kim,

Looks maybe like you have figured out the changing color thing?? If not, the blogger template walk-through can help familiarize you with how to change things. If you want to put an image in the background (a photo or a design tile)upload the image to flickr, then link to it from the template. I have pretty much painfully and slowly taught myself some of these things. Here is another cool resource to make your own template
hope this helps!