Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wet Studio Lights

Before and After the new lights, there doesn't appear to be much difference in these photos but trust me when you are in my studio there is a HUGE difference! It'd be nice to have some lights on the design wall, where the fabric is hanging. Btw my design wall is really a canvas tarp that we put grommets into and hung from a galvinized pole using curtain rings.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to see a difference. did you change the bulbs in each light fixture to daylight bulbs?
I'm interested to know how you figured out how much wattage you would need to get the amount of light you have. Jeanne

k baxter packwood said...

the top picture is the after image, you can see that the lighting is a little less bluish. If I turn the fluorescents (SP?) off it looks really warm in my studio, but the fringe areas are in shadow.

Basically I added what I could get, which as 50 watt halogen recessed lighting, the fluorescents were already in the house when I moved in.

The number of lights is based on what the circuit would take, you need an electrician for that sort of stuff. Mine will take 12 of the lights, they have their own circuit, I could probably add more lights but don't have the space for them.

I probably didn't answer your question, no daylight bulbs, well the fluorescents are daylight bulbs.