Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stitch Problems

Well this is supposed to be a heart pattern - stitch No. 72 on my Janome 6500 and the hearts are not closing, also the machine is making a rather hard jerking motion when creating this pattern. Ideas on what may be the problem? Here are three pics starting with the bottom pic and ending with the top pic seems that towards the end the hearts were starting to look more like hearts.

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Ann Morrell said...

t looks like you might have a piece of lint either in your tension disk or in your bobbin area that is causing the thread to catch. You may need to floss both areas ...another thing you might want to try is to check that you have accidental changed the width of the stitch itself (turn on machine fresh and select heart pattern...many times decorative stitches need stablizer...other than the above ideas...I wish you luck.