Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Loom

Well I finally got the loom moved into the dining room - thank goodness for Duncan Phife tables right! Ours folds up into a very nice compact size that fits nicely behind a large easy chair and acts as a second sofa table in a pinch! I still have a bunch of stuff left to put away in the dining room and floor is in sorry need of washing which should be a tad bit easier now that the table is no longer in my way.

Now to figure out what's wrong with the harnesses, one of them or maybe even two of them are not set up correctly. It's an older LeClerc Nautlis four harness loom. One of it's redeeming qualities is the fact that it folds up and fairly compactly which makes it very easy to put away and forget about for years on end.

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Annabelle said...

I was just posting my blog banner I made on Etsy Cottage this morning and fell in love with your heart. Your work is so gorgeous and you are a total inspiration. I must read all of your websites and blogs, a wealth of knowledge for sure. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely keep in touch and also visit you on Youtube.
Nice to have met you, glad I didn't miss you in this century!
Hugs Annabelle