Thursday, May 28, 2009

State of Affairs

What my wet studio looks like at the moment! The pile on my screenprinting table is some what reduced now, see previous post. My plan is to work late into the night tonight and get this mess cleaned up for tomorrow's big reveal. It'll happen I'll probably be sore but it'll happen! ;-)
Everything that is stacked on the table WAS stacked against the far wall, BON, or I should say stacked up against the old cabinet and chest of drawers. I'll post improvement photos tomorrow.

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Michigoose said...

Oh! What a brave women! Your studio looks much like mine...As hard as I try, once I clean it up and get it arranged, it goes back to piles...Sometimes it is because I'm so into what I'm doing I just pile on the corner to work like a crazy woman. Other times, I have to shift gears and go on to another project for which the deadline looms (kind of like "for whom the bell tolls," don't you think? (hmmm...I feel a little quilt coming on about that one!). I'm going to look forward to seeing this and maybe I'll finish weeding the garden (hah!) and see if I can't get my studio in good shape too!