Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wild Flowers in Wax

The wax is still warm in this shot and the rice paper buckled something fierce!

The wax has cooled buy isn't quite hard yet, the colors are darker and richer, the texture of the buckled paper worked for me this time.

4x4x2.75 inches Cradled Baltic Birch Panel
Encaustic medium, rice paper, ink, found stamp, and oil sticks


Cobi said...

this is really gorgeous, I love it. how did you make it. I have encaustic wax but don't really have a clue as how to use it.

k baxter packwood said...

Hi Cobi

I just fused my base layer to the board and then started adding, and fusing, layers of color and then added some paper, added more encaustic wax, and fused.

I finished by adding the stamp, and more wax. The surface is still highly textured due to the rice paper buckling but now I like the look.