Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Studio Redux 110211

Working on the drawing/painting space portion of the studio. I still need to move the canned goods out of the hutch and then paint the inside of the hutch a hot carnation pink color!

From peach to black in less than 30 minutes!  The hutch is the future home of my painting and drawing supplies, along with still life objects and inspirational items.


Ginny Huber said...

This studo redo in progress looks great. I have been following "found stitched dyed" on FB as an 'admirer" (I haven't done much dyeing..I am basically a felter/nuno felter..and I have really enjoyed the wealth of info you bring to that forum..and as I am discovering..o many others..

k baxter packwood said...

Thank you Ginny for your kind words!