Friday, July 29, 2005


Well Silky came home this afternoon, I don't know if she'll heal up or not, until she does she gets to wear this fashionable object. Need I say she's absolutely miserable? She has an abcess of some sort, they don't know what it's from but I still believe it has to do with the pencil she ate earlier in the week.

Yes she's a Weimeraner, a blue one to be exact.


Judi said...

Oh poor baby. Try this instead of the cone - take some newspaper and roll it up into a log - then wrap a towel around it. Make sure it's pretty fat. Then wrap it around your dog's neck and tape it to itself. It should be bulky enough that she can't reach to lick where that abcess is. Works great and they can see where they are going! That cone really is dangerous.

k baxter packwood said...

The abcess is on the side of her face. She was scratching it and pretty hard, making the area very raw, so they put the cone on her.

I've been keeping her confined to the kitchen which is safer for her, no stairs and the like.

Elle said...

Poor pup! Hope she feels better soon!