Tuesday, September 20, 2005

LeClerc Loom & Buffalo

For every season there is a... Loom? John and I went to Ottumwa yesterday to pick up my "new to me" loom. I received a phone call from from a woman whowanted to sell her loom. It's a LeClerc loom in mint condition, 4 harness, 42" wide. The loom came with a slug of yarn and fibers as well as the standard issue shuttle boats etc...

Afterwards, on our way home, we stopped at the Neil Smith Prairie. Buffalo, Buffalo everywhere. It was so exhilirating to see animals that big up close, oh and I might add quite terrifying as they can be very unpredictable. The one males head was less than two feet from the door of my truck. The pic I took was very blurry, I odn't know if it was because he was bobbing his head back and forth or that my hands were shaking that badly - from the excitement. I imagine it was both.

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