Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baskets and Such

Well you can see that I have a load of basketry materials. I bought these at a yard sale some 3 years ago for a few dollars. I've had them in my design studio all this time, today I'm hauling them down to the wet studio, where I also moved a sewing machine to live, and will start in on my collaboration pieces.

I finally got caught up, except for the dyeing, in anticipation that the surgery would not go well yesterday. Skin Cancer. It went really well. So today I'm going to get caught up on my dyeing and am going to work on my collaborative pieces as well. I have to have something to do while the dye pots are going.



smarcoux said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. After you said the other dayt that you had found out you had cancer I did not want to mention it till you told us the outcome ... excellent news!!
I will be waiting to see what you do with the basket weaving stuff!!
Dangling by a thread

k baxter packwood said...

Right now I'm headed to the farmer's market to see about getting a large bird house gourd. I want to cut the top off of it, then drill holes into the side, and then hopefully if all goes well weave some pine needles around the top. I have long leaf pine needles that range from 8-24 inches in lenght