Sunday, March 12, 2006

Journal Time

I've started experimenting with painting and drawing in my journal. It's probably not the right kind of paper to be painting on, especially with water color paints. I'm using the Caran d' Arche Neo Color II water color crayons here. I keep forgetting to bring my water color pencils down to the studio.

Once it's dry I think I will put some metallic waxes on the piece. I kinda feel the need to actually glue something to the surface. The paper is archival and the journal is "Paperchase". They have a website, I picked mine up, months ago, at Borders. I'm just now getting around to using the book.

I like coloring in my journal, someday I hope to have one of those tiny little water color sets that you can take with you everywhere.

My Gouache has dried up, after ten years of use and storage. I am going to try to cut one of the tubes open to see if I can dissolve some of the paint with water. This works with watercolors but I"m not sure if it will work with Gouache.


Caitlin said...

Neocolor IIs are my favourite thing in the whole WORLD right now - I am using them for everything! Aren't they so much fun?!

k baxter packwood said...

Yes they are, I have several types of the Neo Colors, I have the artist grade which are much bigger and creamier than the ones in picture on my blog. I use both of them interchangabley as they both have qualities I love.

I added texture to the page, with regular color pencils, by doing a rubbing on the bottom of a basket.

I then went back into it with my pastel pencils. It's a lot of fun actually and was telling my hubby about this, poor guy he was trying to go to sleep and all I could do was go on and on about the joy and wonderment of coloring in my journal!