Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ok Ok Ok

I'm so excited, there's nothing like getting an unexpected beautiful gift! John and I went to Des Moines to pick up my chair and crate, that we bought a tag sale on Sunday but couldn't get home because he truck was already full, anyway...
I went to the shop where my items were being held and they had a lovely pink wire soda fountain shoppe type chair, because I bought the chair Ron gave me three dozen pink roses.
Turns out he didn't like the pink chair! The florist up the street stopped in to give him her old flowers while we where there and he gave me the roses to hang up and dry in my studio/shoppe!!! I couldn't believe it. They are gorgeous.

I'll be photographing them with a bunch of things tomorrow, like old linens, china, silver, etc.

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MargaretR said...

Lovely roses. I read somewhere that if you left your roses in the water while they die they will keep their colour better. I tried that with my birthday roses and stood them on the windowsil above the radiator(I did not top up the water). They have dried beautifully without losing too much colour. I usually hang mine to dry. But this worked for me.