Thursday, May 08, 2008


Upside down but it definately has appeal in this orientation as well! The piece tells a different story when oriented in what I consider the upside down position.

Right side up, bottom needs more quilting, looks like an abstract of a barn with the sun setting behind it, which is what I had intended. Now I'm not so sure ;-) Moral of the story be careful when hanging your artwork so as to not give yourself more to think about.


Mai-Britt said...

Hmm... I really like both ways, but the top one talks to me most, so if hanging in my home it would be "Barn upside down in strange sun" ;O)

Liana said...

I really like very, very much this piece. The colors are so beautiful and the model is simple, but a great effect. I come back to your site several times to look at it.

k baxter packwood said...

thank you very much for your wonderful comments, it's been a wonderful journey working on this particular piece.