Thursday, March 02, 2017

Indigo Blues: Surface Design with Natural Dyes

Indigo Blues: Surface Design with Indigo
Starts March 28th 

Indigo Blues: Surface Design with Indigo is a comprehensive Four Week online course which is a one-stop resource for anyone wishing to learn the art of Surface Design with Indigo.

During the Four Week course you develop a solid foundation of the concepts of Surface Design using Indigo. 

I will teach you the necessary core skills needed to create beautiful art cloth with Indigo!
During this Four Week course you will also learn about the history of surface design with indigo from ancient times to modern times.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Immersion Dyeing
  • Bound Resists including Shibori
  • Potato Starch, Gutta, and a non-toxic glue resist for immersion dyeing
  • Fabric painting with indigo
  • Mono printing, stamping, gelatin plate printing
  • Screen printing You will screen print with Rust and Tannin Patterning Techniques via screen printing as a Final BONUS LESSON.
As part of my private Facebook community, you’ll discover a global community of students, and friends, to support and to inspire you.

My passion is for you to experience the joy of working with indigo, and to learn which type of indigo vat works best for you!

Downloadable videos, which means you will have lifetime access.

Downloadable handouts, so that you can print out the information to use in your studio.
Access to my Facebook Community.


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