Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Cost of Vending

I'm cancelling a vending gig this weekend, Ooooooooooo I know the big taboo, too bad!

My father was bitten by a black widow spider last night and is having complications, I'm going home instead. Family comes first over money, no matter the shown o matter the prestige, and if I'm banned because I put family first then it's their loss not mine.


Caitlin said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad, I know those things can HURT!!!

And rapsberries :-ppppppppp to anyone who disses you for chossing family over that show. You do what you gotta do!!!

smarcoux said...

Damn Kim hope your dads ok yikes a black widow spider!!! you made the right choice .. keep well


Stephanie Distler artist said...

I hope all is okay with your Father. I am sure the powers that be, at the show, will be understanding.
Besides my comment I also wanted to say: You are so into all the facets of your art, I love that!