Monday, June 20, 2005

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navajo_101 said...

the navajo loom and all its tools have special prayers and songs associated w/them. it was said that you took care of your loom along w/its tools like they were babies. if u took care of them they would take care of you, the same applies to your "tapitries" that too had a special signicance to the weaver and you just dont "fling them here and there". PLEASE take care of your loom and its tools!

k baxter packwood said...

My loom is resting up against my table, so I could photograph it. It is in desperate need of a stand. Right now it is living in the north end of my hallway undisturbed and well out of harms way. I keep all of my tools in an antique paper bucket that is specifically for my weaving tools as I like them a lot.

I am currently in the process of creating spaces just for my looms, but it's very hard when you marry a man, whose first wife had passed away, and his house is completely occupied with her things. My possessions are not necessarily a first priority around here. But tha's changing as well.

I clicked onto your blog link but it went nowhere.