Friday, May 20, 2005

American English

I found this link on a blog, I think it was the Crochet Guy, but I'm not sure. If you scroll down on the right side you will see a box asking you what kind of American English do you Speak?

The results sure explain why I got my butt chewed to hell and back over my misspelling of the word Grey! I was informed, both privately and publically that it was Gray and only old Brits spelt it that way! NOT!!! Guess what it's spelled both ways! And who really cares anyway, at least I can spell, and considering the mix of results on my AngloAmericano test it's probably amazing that I can spell, let alone read and write.

Now to go find my teeth, maybe they're in the cellar?

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Chloe said...


You might like to tell those who tell you that 'only the brits" spell something a particular way, that no - it is really only the Americans spell it the other way.

But who cares - as long as we talk :)

A little voice says, from Australia