Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Spinning Yummy

I've decided that the roving should definately be called Yummy. I'm spinning it now, my right elbow is giving me fits so it'll be slow going, but I plan to Navajo ply it whence I'm done. I think I'll probably use it for either couching or maybe a small tapestry, of course this means I'll have to get my loom warped.

I have a smallish Navajo loom that a very nice woman gave to me, it doesn't have a floor stand, she mounted it to the wall, that's not an option for me as wall space is at a premium in my studio. It's made of apple wood, I'll have to see what hubby has in his stash for making a stand, I'll probably use ash or oak.

Any how this roving has too much soul to use as sock yarn or something else equally unrefined. Usually I don't feel this way about my wool, but for some reason this piece, and it's sultry moody colors, demand something greater. Who knows maybe it came from a "Grand Dame" ewe with real attitude? The likes of which I've sheered once or twice in my life.

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