Thursday, May 05, 2005

One of those days

I've managed to get some knitting done this week, for a piece I'm planning to felt. In fact I may bind it off in a bit and felt it just to see what happens.

I found some really cool old cards, that were not mine or anybodies I know, at a thrift shop, I plan to alter them tonight. They are floral cards, some of the post cards are beautiful, from the very early 1900's, but the messages on the back are way cryptic. They are more like an on going converstation or something. I"ll probably scan them into my computer before I alter them, just in case I want to use the images again.


Judi said...

Those cards sound really neat .. do you think it would make more sense to alter a scanned copy and save the original though? Although the base stock wouldn't be the same. I always have such a hard time altering an original of something. You're braver than me by far! (smile)

k baxter packwood said...

Sometimes it's easeier for me to alter the image, after I've copied it onto some other medium.

I either print it onto paper or fabric, sometimes they are heavily textured, other times it's smooth.

A couple of the cards I'm planning to alter would make an excellent repeat pattern. I wouldn't be able to copy the embossed motif exactly, but that's part of the challenge.